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Things to do

  • The morning and evening elephant and jeep ride is the high point of the day.
  • The birdlife at Pobitora is very rich with several unique resident birds. Their number is augmented by migrants in winter. A census done in Jan 2012 showed that there were 26 species of birds at Pobitora. There were approximately 7000 resident birds including about 100 cranes, and approximately 5000 migratory birds. Other reports and websites suggest it has 375 species of birds
  • If visiting on a day trip, enjoy the bird life there and also walk around the wildlife sanctuary. It is a pleasant place for a walk.
  • There is a small place to enjoy a picnic and a childrens playground close to the Haduk Hanging Bridge. Local visitors can combine picnic with elephant rides and enjoy the stunning scenery of Pobitora.

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