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Pobitara harbors the highest density of Rhino in the world and second highest concentration of Rhino in Assam after Kaziranga National Park. The riverine composition of forest with vast grassland in 15.9 sq. Km of the PA is the ideal habitat for Rhino. The transformation of this grazing reserve into an ideal Rhino habitat is remarkable. Natural forest comprises of Albizzia lebek, Lagerstomia speciosa, Bombax ceiba, Dilania indica etc. The grassland comprises of Sacchrum spp., Phragmatis Karka, Themmeda arundinacea, Vetivaria zizanioides etc.

The perennial water bodies (Beel) are the breeding of different variety fishes and also fulfill the necessary requirement of animals such as wallowing etc. These beels attracts a sizable amount of migrant water fowls. Besides Rhino, Buffalo, Wild Boar etc.

Pobitora supports two Critically Endangered, four Endangered, eight Vulnerable and three Near Threatened bird species. Marsh Babbler (Pellorneum palustre) is the Assam plains Endemic bird species recorded in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Rajamayong hill with an area of 11.98 sq. Km. also harbours various species like Leopard, Lesser cats, barking deer etc. The forest comprises of Anthocephalus cadamba (Kadam) , Alstonia Scholaris (Satiana), Dellenia pentagyna (Oxi), Terminalia tomentosa (Sain), Bridelia retusa (Kuhir), Careya arborea (Kum) etc. This hill also servers as a sheltering ground during the high floods which is common in the PA.

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