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About Pobitora

mapPobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the flood plains of River Brahmaputra in the district of morigaon. The extent of the Protected area is 38.81 sq km lays between latitude 26012' N to 26015' N and longitude 91059' E to 92005' E Pobitora originally was a grazing reserve of erstwhile nagaon district, came into limelight during the year 1961-62 for sighting of One Horned Rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis).

The area of 1584.76 ha was declared as reserve forest (RF) in 1971 vied Govt. Notification no. 4/Settlement/542/54 dt 18th November 1971. The adjacent Rajamayong Hill an area of 1191.86 ha was also a RF declared during 1957 vied Govt. notification no. AFS 427/54/11 dt. 20th September 1957.

Keeping in view the importance of Rhino in the area, a Preliminary notification was issued declaring a total area of 3880.62 ha of land as Pobitara Wildlife Sanctuary comprising both the RF (2776.62 ha) and Govt. Khas land (1104 ha) between the RF vied Govt. notification FWR/19/87/39 dt 16th July 1987. Subsequently, final notification of the sanctuary was published vied Govt. notification no. FRS/19/87/153 dt 17th March 1998 and published in Assam Gazette on 13th May 1998. The Govt. Khas land that brought within the periphery of Sanctuary are Murkata I & II with 336.00 ha, Diprang with 40.00 ha, Thengbhanga with 176 ha and Kamarpur/Rajamayong Koritor Khas land with an area of 552 ha.

The natural boundary of the Pobitara wildlife sanctuary is the Garanga Beel on the south and the river Brahmaputra on the North, rest of the boundary are artificial and surrounded by 27 villages. Significantly, the PA is free from human habitation.

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