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Tourist attractions in Mayong

Mayong, the enchanting land of occult practices is located in the west of the district Morigaon. It is only 40 Kms. away from the capital city of Guwahati, Assam. The place is endowed with a variety of Tourist attractions that can enable to satisfy the Tourists of diverse interests.

Nature based & wild life Tourism :

The main attraction of Mayong is "Pobitora wild life sanctuary" which is having world's highest density of one horned Rhinoceros. Apart from Rhinos it is also a home for wild bores, wild Buffallos etc. Tourist can enjoy it's beauty by Elephant Safary and Jeep Safari.

There are number of picturesque hills and hillocks in and around Mayong. Moreover the river Brahmaputra flowing towards the west side of the village has also added to its natural beauty.

Pilgrim Tourism :

There are ample number of ancient shrines and temples in and around Mayong. The place is called the "Land of Pancha Devata", which refers to five deities who are Dinesh, Ganesh, Vishnu, Siva and Shivi (Parvati).

Some important pilgrimage sites are – Kechaikhaiti Shrine of Burha Mayong, Narashinha Ashram of Hiloikhunda, Ganesh Temple of Hatimuria, Shiv Shrine of Kachashila etc.

Archeological Tourism :

Mayong is also known for its archeological ruins and monuments. There is a big stone inscription, dating back several hundred years located at a hilly village Burha Mayong. The inscription is 3.85 Mtrs. long and it has been regarded as the longest stone – inscription found in Asia. Again, there exist one beautiful stone image of Shiv-Parvati and three of Lord Ganesha (belonging to 12th century) at Burha Mayong village, one stone image of Shiv-Parvati and one of Lord Ganesha (of about 10th century) at Chanaka village, one king sized stone image of Lord Ganesha (10th Century) at Ganesha Temple of Hatimuris village, two stone images of Shiv-Parvati (of about 9th century) at Shiv Shrine of Kachashila Hill and Many others.

Apart from these a lots of other archeological findings of the area like stone-exes, stone-bullets, whet-stones Lotus circles, Yonipeeths, Shiva Lingams and different kinds of earthen vessels and images (terracottas) are preserved at Mayong village Museum and Research Centre.

River Tourism :

As this area is located on the bank of the river Brahmaputra it bears an ample scope for river Tourism. Services of river cruses from Guwahati to Kajalimukh near Mayong or back bears enormous Tourism potential.

Eco Tourism :

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature in or around Mayong which is covered by hills, hillocks, river, natural water bodies etc.

Sporting Activities for Tourists :

The recent introduction of solar rickshaw and aero motors in Mayong has added new dimensions to the Tourists attractions.

Land of Tantra Mantra & Black Magic :

Mayong is a land of Tantra-Mantra and famous for its practice of Black Magic. Age old tradition of Black Magic is also a source of Tourist attractions.



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