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  • Compensation to workers for injury or death in course of employment and out of employment.
  • Payment of wages gratuity ,bonus,maternity benefits ,Health insurance and provident fund.
  • Settlement of disputes of workers with employers.
  • 1971Health Safety and other welfare measures of the workers.
  • Improving working conditions and ensuring safe and congenial atmosphere at workplace.
  • Regulating working conditions.
  • A special measure for the welfare of building construction workers regulating trade unions by registering the union’s employees ensuring safety of workers by implementing Factory Act and Labour Act ,Abolishing Bonded Labour wherever it exists in any form and manifestation implementing the child labour to ensure that no child is implicated in hazardous works.

The functions of the Office is enforced with implementation of various legislative labour laws as :-

i)          The Assam Shops and Establishment Act, 1971

ii)         The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

iii)        The Contact Labour Act, 1970

iv)        The Plantation Labour Act, 1951

v)         The Child Labour Act, 1986

vi)        Building and other Construction Workers Act, 1996

vii)       The Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961, etc.

  1. Sri J. Longmailai, Labour Officer, Morigaon
  2. Shri B. Bora, Jr. Asstt.
  3. D. Bordoloi, Peon
  4. Sint. N. Hazarika, Labour Inspector, Mayong, Jagiroad.
  5. T. Kalita, Jr. Asstt.
  6. Shri Jatin Deka, Peon.
Name:   Sri J. Longmailai
Designation: Labour Officer, Morigaon
Contact Number: 87499-42377 (M)
e-Mail ID:


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