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Nazarat Branch

The Nazarat Branch consists of the following three sections

  1. Nazarat Section

  2. Bakijai section

  3. Loan Section

  1. Nazarat Section

It deals with the following subject matters

  1. Maintenance of cleanliness of buildings under Deputy Commissioner

  2. Office accommodation

  3. Purchase of stationeries and miscellaneous article including furniture, liveries etc. and their proper distribution

  4. Arrangements for meetings, conference etc. and arrangement for refreshment

  5. Circuit House and Dak Bungalows

  6. Ceremonial functions including Independence Day, Republic Day

  7. Protocol functions

  8. Burial/Cremations

  9. Telegraphs, Telephones

  10. Vehicles

  11. Holidays

  12. Administration of

  1. Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1960

  2. Assam contingency Manual

  1. Bakijai Section:

This section deals with the recovery of dues under

  1. The Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act

  2. Rules under chapter V of the Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886 relating to arrears and mode of recoveries

  3. The Bengal Public Demand Recoveries (Assam Amendment) Act, 1962

  1. Loan Section:

This section deals with the administration of

  1. The agricultural Loans Act, 1884 and the rules framed there under

  2. The Land improvement loans Act, 1883 and Rules framed there under

  3. The Assam Aid to Industrial (Small and Cottage Industries) Act, 1955 and Rules framed there under

  4. The Assam Rehabilitation Loans, 1957

  5. The Assam recovery of Loans Act, 1976

  6. The Assam Recovery of Loans (Amendment) Act, 1977



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