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Magisterial Branch

The Magisterial Branch deals with the following subject matters:

a) Procedure for initiating and conducting prosecutions
b) Appointments of Government Pleaders, Public Prosecutors and Assistant  Prosecutors and matters relating thereof
c) Advice on legal matters
d) Conduct of Government cases in various courts.
e) Administration of
i) The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973
ii) Indian Evidence Act, 1872
iii) Indian Penal Code,1860
iv) Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967
v) National security Act, 1980
vi) Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
vii) The Assam Maintenance of Public Order Act, 1947 as emended till date
viii)  The Assam disturbed Areas Act, 1955
ix) The Assam Requisition and control of vehicles (Amendment Act, 1968)
x) The Assam Maintenance of Public Order (Autonomous District) Act, 1964
xi) The Assam Disturbed Areas Act, 1955
xii) The Code of Criminal Procedure (Assam Amendment) 1964
xiii) The Assam Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1970
xiv) The Assam game and Betting Act, 1970
xv) Notaries Act, 1953
f) Completion of annual acts and Ordinances of the state and Keeping them up to date
g) Matters relating to Low and Order Maintenance
h) Blacklisting of firm & contractors
i) Requisition of workers
j) Appointment of petition writers
k) Reports and returns of High Court
l) Post Mortem
m) Crime detection and punishment of offenders
n) Matters relating to raising and maintenances of Police Force
o) Haj Pilgrimage and Order Pilgrimages outside India
p) Fire Service Organisation
q) Matters relating to Assam Police Manual
r) Verification of character and antecedents
s) Complains against Police inaction/corporation
t) Tour Programs and tour diaries of Police Officers


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